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Providing Everything You Need

Unit Dose Packaging


Compliance packaging or Blister packaging, is easy to open card that holds your weekly medications and keeps them organized so you know exactly which pills you need to take and when to take them. 

Free Home Delivery panet Pharmacy.jpg
Free Home Delivery panet Pharmacy.jpg

Free Home Delivery

We deliver your prescriptions to your home free of charge within Winnipeg city only 

Free Consultation

Pharmacist at Panet pharmacy available to review your medication(s) and give you the right advice via phone and/or in person or home visit without any additional charges as required by law in all Manitoba pharmacies.

You can also ask the pharmacist to make refills on your behalf. 


Injections and Vaccinations

Our certified pharmacists can administer many vaccines in addition to the flu vaccine. These vaccines include the shingles vaccine as well as many common travel vaccines.

All our Pharmacists take part in a certification process that includes: injection training, live workshops, first-aid and CPR training. Under provincial legislation, Pharmacists can administer certain vaccines to adults and children over a certain age. Ask your Pharmacist for age restrictions.

Accept all insurances

We accept most kind of insurance and we expand our list everyday, please call the pharmacist if you a have any enquiry about your insurance coverage and we are happy to help you.

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