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Patient portal agreement

  1. Introduction

Panet Pharmacy Web aims to provide patients – such as You – with a portal allowing them to fulfill persecution as per requirements .

In that respect, Your health care providers have mandated Panet Pharmacy Web to provide You with these online services.

However, in order to use Panet Pharmacy Web’s online services You are required to conclude this Agreement. In that regard, Panet Pharmacy Web invites You to read the terms and conditions provided for herein. If you do not agree with these terms, please do NOT click on “register Now” (or similar) and do not access or otherwise use Panet Pharmacy Web’s online Services; You will still be able to book Your appointment by telephone or by any other means provided to You by your health care providers.

  1. Definitions

    1. For the purposes of this Agreement, the terms set forth in this Section 2, have the meanings assigned to them below:

      1. “Agreement” collectively means: (i) this Patient-Portal Agreement, as may be amended from time to time in accordance with Subsection 10.2 hereunder; (ii) and the version of the Privacy Statement in force from time to time.

      2. “Intellectual Property” means all intellectual property rights and moral rights of any kind or nature throughout the world including, without limitation: all inventions, improvements, ideas, processes, formulas, algorithms, technical developments, works, technical information such as software, software codes, firmware and hardware, graphics, execution modes, interface, components required to create, develop, maintain or modify Your account or the Services, models, prototypes, specifications, methods, patterns, and all: (i) patents, patent applications, continuations, continuations-in-part, divisionals, reissues, re-examinations; (ii) copyrights, copyright applications and copyrightable subject matter, registrations substitutions and extensions; (iii) industrial design, applications and registrations; (iv) trademarks and trade names, and their respective applications and registrations; (v) trade secrets and know how; and all other (vi) type proprietary information thereof.

      3. “Law” designates all applicable laws in force in the province of Quebec including the ones pertaining to: (i) the protection of personal information such as the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (Quebec); (ii) health information; and (iii) the legal framework for Information technology and the Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, as well as in any other overriding provision or public order provision in force in the jurisdiction (such as any other Canadian province or territory) in which the Services are provided, and which would apply irrespective of the choice of governing law.

      4. “Panet Pharmacy Web” designates Petal Solutions Inc., a legal person governed by the Business Corporations Act (Quebec), as well as its Representative and, wherever applicable, any other entity to which Panet Pharmacy Web’s rights and obligations are assigned or vested following a corporate reorganisation or a business transaction.

      5. “Representative” means any beneficiary, mandatory, adviser or other authorized representative who have been authorized by Law or pursuant to an agreement to represent and act on behalf of any Party in connection with this Agreement.

      6. “Services” as the definition set forth in 3.1 hereunder.

      7. "You” designates any patient that concluded a Patient-Portal Agreement with Panet Pharmacy Web to have access to its portal Services, and wherever applicable its Representative.

  2. Services and consideration

    1. Panet Pharmacy Web agrees to provide patients – such as You – with scheduling functions and services available via Your account accessible on Panet Pharmacy Web’s website, application or other program, media and software designed to be run on electronic devices existing now or developed in the future (the Services), the whole in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

    2. The Services are provided to you on a royalty-free basis. All fees charged in connection with the provision of the Services (if any) are assumed by Your health care providers. Despite the foregoing, Your carrier’s normal rates and fees for the use of Your electronic device (including data charges) may be applicable.

  3. Term

    1. The Agreement shall become effective immediately upon receipt of a copy by email, and shall remain full force and effect until terminated: (i) with cause, should a Party be in default under this Agreement and fails to cure such default within the reasonable period of time set forth in the notice given by the non-defaulting party to the defaulting party in accordance with Subsection 10.8; (ii) if Paragraph 8.1.1 finds application; or (iii) without cause for any other reason whatsoever should (a) You decide to permanently delete Your account at any time in the manner set forth on Your account; or (b) Panet Pharmacy Web notify You of its intent to terminate the Agreement as set forth in Subsection 10.8.

    2. Should this Agreement be terminated, then Panet Pharmacy Web will stop providing You the Services. In such a case, all appointments that would have been made will still be accessible via Your account, but You will not be able to make new appointments or to make any modification with respect to any upcoming appointment. Despite the foregoing, should: (i) this Agreement be terminated due to a breach of Subsection 5.1 or Subsection 7.3, then Panet Pharmacy Web will be entitled to permanently shut down and erase Your account; (ii) You decide to delete Your account, then the information available on such account will no longer be accessible unless You made a copy of said information prior to deleting Your account.

    3. Should the Services offered be terminated in part – i.e. with respect to a specific health care provider – then You will be able to schedule appointments with all health care providers (except for the one with respect to which the Services are no longer offered).

  4. Ownership

    1. Panet Pharmacy Web’s Property: You acknowledge and agree that, unless otherwise expressly provided for in this Agreement, Panet Pharmacy Web, and its licensors and assigns hold all Intellectual Property rights and other rights with respect to the Services, the platform and any other form of Intellectual Property regardless of the territory or whether or not such rights have been registered. This Agreement does not give You the right to use, communicate or refer to the trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names or any other distinctive sign or name of Panet Pharmacy Web, and You agree not to remove, conceal, obscure or change any copyright or other mention related to the Intellectual Property rights or any content available on the Services.

    2. De-identified information: You acknowledge and agree that Panet Pharmacy Web may collect, use, store and share aggregate de-identified information about the users for various purposes. To this end, Panet Pharmacy Web will ensure that the information has been de-identified to protect users from re-identification, in ensuring that no user is individually identifiable and that there is no reasonable reason to believe that such data could be used to identify any individual).

    3. Synchronization of information: Upon creation of Your online account, the information contained in said account will be automatically synchronized with some of the information contained in the medical record that Your health care provider keeps about You. As a corollary (and as explained to You by Your health care provider), that synchronization will give Panet Pharmacy Web access to additional personal information about You, such as: Your phone number, Your health insurance number (as stated on Your health insurance card), Your gender, Your place and date of birth, Your treating physician and other professional(s) consulted, the coordinates of Your pharmacy, Your list of preconditions (such as food allergies), the preferred language for all communications et any other information reasonably required to offer You the agreed Services. This synchronization is required, as it allows the linkage between the information You select online with the one detailed in Your medical record. For instance, when You select “take an appointment with my family doctor”, then an appointment will automatically be taken with that specific doctor, without requiring You to enter its full name and license number. In the light of the foregoing, Panet Pharmacy Web undertakes: (i) to treat at all times this information as strictly confidential; (ii) to use it only for the purposes exhaustively describe in this Agreement; and (iii) to protect and preserve its confidentiality, the whole in accordance with applicable Law. In view of the foregoing, You agree to such synchronization.

  5. Health information

    1. Panet Pharmacy Web acknowledges the importance of maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of personal health information. In that respect, Panet Pharmacy Web agrees: (i) to treat, at all times, personal health information as strictly confidential; and (ii) to protect and preserve its confidentiality in accordance with all Applicable Law governing the collection, use, disclosure and protection of personal health information, as may be in force from time to time.

  6. User’s obligations

    1. Your Membership: As between You and others, You represent that Your account belongs to You.

    2. Confidentiality and Security Safeguards: In order to preserve the confidentiality and security of Your personal information and other information contained, displayed or otherwise rendered available on Your account, You represent and agree: (i) to choose a strong and secure password; (ii) to keep Your password secure and confidential; (iii) not transfer or duplicate any part of the Services to any other person or on any other platform, program or system (such as a cloud computing, a mobile device hard drive or a USB key), and if You print or save any copy of Your appointment(s) and personal information then the foregoing shall be made in a way to maintain their utmost security and confidentiality; and (iv) to abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Law. You are responsible of Your account and the use that is made of it, and accordingly You represent that You will immediately inform Panet Pharmacy Web in case of any loss or theft, or any fraudulent, accidental or unauthorized use, modification, distribution, disclosure, reproduction, publication, dissemination or access of Your account or Services, or any breach of security.

    3. Use of the Services: You represent that You will use Your account and the Services for the sole purposes authorized by this Agreement (and for no other purpose whatsoever) and in accordance with the Law. More particularly and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, You may not: (i) transfer, distribute, sell, lend, lease, sub-licence or otherwise assign, in whole or in part the rights granted to You under this Agreement; (ii) create a derived work; (iii) copy, change, disassemble, reverse engineer, decompile, attempt to derive the source code of, modify by any other means to extract the source code of the Services or of any of the software provided in connection with the foregoing; (iv) make the Services available by any other means where it could be used by multiple devices at the same time; (v) circumvent any security feature included in or underlying the Services; (vi) disrupt or interfere with the Services or do anything that directly or indirectly disrupt the proper operation or impose any disproportionate load on the Services; (vii) infringe or violate the rights of any other user; or (viii) otherwise engage in any unlawful or unauthorized act. You understand that should you attempt to engage in any activity described in points (i) to (viii), then will be deemed to have committed said activity.

  7. Disclaimer and limitation of liability

    1. You represent and agree with the following:

      1. Services Availability: Panet Pharmacy Web may change, suspend or end any Service, the whole in accordance with Subsection 10.2. Also, should the Service(s) prove defective, Panet Pharmacy Web reserves the right to terminate the Service(s) or interrupt or suspend (in whole or in part) Your access or any functionality of the foregoing during Panet Pharmacy Web maintenance and repairs. Should the electronic device of any user be (or become) defective, then such users shall assume the cost of any necessary servicing, repair or correction as the case may be. Finally, if Panet Pharmacy Web believes that You are in breach of any term or condition set forth in this Agreement, then Panet Pharmacy Web reserves the right: (i) to limit or restrict Your right to use or access the Services; (ii) to suspend, or terminate the rights granted to You; (iii) to or shut down Your account.

      2. Content: The use of the Services gives You access to information posted by health care provider(s). In that respect, Panet Pharmacy Web stresses that even if it uses reasonable efforts to ascertain that the content of Service is accurate and up-to-date, it does not have the full control over such content as most (if not all) information rendered available online is communicated or uploaded directly by health care providers. Accordingly, You may encounter content or information that might be outdated, inaccurate, incomplete, delayed, misleading or otherwise improper, and You agree that Panet Pharmacy Web cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or completeness of such information.

You represent that You will use this information carefully, and that whenever You consider it necessary, You will communicate with Your health care provider to validate the information available on the Services. You will use and access the Services and account at Your own risk, and be responsible for the consequences that may arise in connection with Your reliance on such information.

  1. Third Parties Websites and Applications: Hyperlinks to external websites or applications operated by third parties may expose You to information rendered available by said third parties, and over which Panet Pharmacy Web has no control. Accordingly, even if Panet Pharmacy Web: (i) has put in place policies to regulate the nature and content of the information provided or rendered available; (ii) reserves the right to make amendments, corrections or enhancements with regard to information available on the Services; and (iii) reviews randomly the content any third party may add, Panet Pharmacy Web emphasizes that it is not responsible for and does not endorse any such third parties’ website and applications, their content or the quality and efficacy of the information (or health care related products, items or services) provided on such websites and applications. Panet Pharmacy Web stresses that access to such websites and applications is Your responsibility and takes place without Panet Pharmacy Web systematic control.

Panet Pharmacy Web further denies and disclaims any responsibility for the content of such websites and applications. Panet Pharmacy Web cannot be held liable for the exactness, completeness, actuality or intelligibility of the information presented on these websites and applications, or for any form of interruption or termination of their functionality, whether as a result of any action or omission by Panet Pharmacy Web or by any third party. Third party apps and websites have their own legal terms and privacy policies.

In view of the foregoing, You represent that You are responsible: (i) for deciding if You want to access or use third parties applications or websites; (ii) for relying on the information available on these websites and applications; and (iii) for all consequences that would follow such decision (for instance if You allow a third party applications or website to authenticate You or connect with Your account, that application or website may give third parties access to Your account). You will assume that any website and application (other than the website or application) are provided by a third party.


  1. Indemnity

    1. Each Party agrees to be responsible and assume liability for its acts or omissions, and for the acts and omissions of those for whom it is in law responsible, arising out of or as a result of, or in connection with the Services or this Agreement, and agrees to hold the other Party harmless from any such liability, limitation, legal fees and costs.

    2. Neither Party will be liable to the other, for any reason, for any consequential, incidental or indirect damage (including loss of profits or business opportunities) regardless of whether such indemnifying Party has been advised of or is aware that such damages have been or may be incurred.

  2. General terms

    1. Entire Agreement: This Agreement, including the introduction, shall constitute, with the Privacy Statement (which was brought to Your attention via the link provided for in Paragraph 2.1.1 and understood, and which is deemed incorporated by reference to this Agreement), the entire agreement between the parties.

    2. Amendments: Any amendment of or revision to the Agreement requested by You must be in writing by authorized by both parties before it shall become effective and binding. As to Panet Pharmacy Web, it may change the terms of the Agreement. Such changes shall be brought to Your attention by sending You – in accordance with Subsection 10.8 hereunder – the amended clause(s) or new term only (or the amended clause and the clause as it read formerly), the date of the coming into force of the amendment and any other information required by applicable Law. Should You disagree with the amendment(s) made, You are entitled to cancel this Agreement without cost, penalty or cancellation indemnity as provided for in Paragraph 4.1 in accordance with any delay set forth in Applicable Law. In case You do not exercise Your right to cancel the Agreement, You are deemed to have consented to the amended terms and conditions. The Privacy Statement may also be amended from time to time in the manner provided for in Section 8 of the Privacy Statement.

    3. Interpretation: The headings used in this Agreement, as well as the division of this Agreement into separate Sections, Subsections and Paragraphs, are used for convenience and reference only and are not to be considered as limiting the scope of any provision. Unless the context requires otherwise, grammatical variations of any term defined herein have a similar meaning. Words importing the singular number shall include the plural and words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine and neuter genders and vice versa. In addition to the foregoing definitions, the words “including” shall be deemed to be followed by the phrase “without limitation.”

    4. Inconsistencies with Privacy Statement: In the event of inconsistencies between the terms provided for in this Agreement and the one set forth in the Privacy Statement, this Agreement shall control, unless the inconsistent term in Privacy Statement is clearly intended to supersede the corresponding term in the Agreement; in such a case the term of the Privacy Statement will control, but only as to this term.

    5. Applicable laws: To the fullest extent allowed under applicable Law, this Agreement is governed, construed and interpreted in accordance with the Laws in force in the Province of Quebec and of Canada, without regard to the private international law principles.

    6. Transfer or other Assignments: You shall not transfer, sell, lease, encumber or otherwise assign this Agreement or any right, obligation, undertaking or interest, provided for in such Agreement, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Panet Pharmacy Web. Any of the foregoing granted in contravention to this Agreement shall be void and of no effect.

    7. Waiver: The failure to enforce at any time any of the provision or term of this Agreement or any right in respect thereof shall in no way be considered as a waiver of the right to enforce each right or provision of this Agreement. Likewise, the waiver of any breach shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any future beach, even similar in nature or to affect the validity of this Agreement.

    8. Notices: All notices provided by You to Panet Pharmacy Web shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been given, delivered or made on the date they are: (i) delivered by hand; (ii) received from any reputable delivery service that provides tracking and written verification of delivery; or (iii) transmitted by email or by any other technological means, provided that such transmission can be attested by a confirmation of transmission; and shall be addressed to Panet Pharmacy Web at the addresses hereunder mentioned or such other address or number subsequently specified in writing to by Panet Pharmacy Web:

As to the notifications sent to You, You agree that Panet Pharmacy Web may provide notices to You in the following ways: (i) a banner notice on Your account or Services; or (ii) an email sent to Your email address; or (iii) through other means including mobile number, telephone, or mail. You agree to keep Your contact information up-to-date.

  1. Severability: If any covenant, provision or part (of any provision or covenant) of this Agreement is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, unenforceable or in conflict with any applicable Law, such covenant, provision or part (of any provision or covenant) shall be deemed: (i) to be independent of the remainder of this Agreement and to be severable from it, and its invalidity, unenforceability or illegality shall not affect, impair or invalidate the remainder of this Agreement, so that all rights and obligations shall be construed and enforced as if this Agreement did not contain the particular part or term(s) held to be invalid; and (ii) to be applicable and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by Law against any person and in any circumstance expect those as to which it has been held or rendered invalid, unenforceable or illegal. FOR INSTANCE, SHOULD ANY OF THE PROVISIONS SET FORTH IN SECTION 8 BE HELD UNENFORCEABLE OR INAPPLICABLE AGAINST YOU OR ILLEGAL, THEN SUBSECTION 10.9 SHALL APPLY, SO THAT SUCH PROVISION MAY NOT BE APPLICABLE IN WHOLE OR IN PART.

  2. Electronic Version of Agreement: The parties agree that the legal value and the validity of the present Agreement is neither increased nor diminished based on the chosen medium or technology. Accordingly, the electronic copy will be deemed authentic provided that its integrity can be ensured, and will have the same legal value and validity, and will fulfil the same functions of a paper copy.

  3. Survival: Rights and obligations which by their nature should survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement, including rights and obligations under this Subsection, as well as under Sections 5, 8 and 9 shall remain in full force and effect.

  4. English Language: The parties have expressly decided that this Agreement be drafted in the English language. Les parties aux présentes ont expressément choisi que ce contrat soit rédigé en langue anglaise.




Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy 

At PanetPharmacy ( safeguarding your confidentiality and protecting your personal information is a primary concern. We are committed to meeting or exceeding the privacy standards established by Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (the “Act”). As part of this commitment, has followed the Ten Privacy Principles described in the Act to govern our actions as they relate to the use of personal information. The Ten Privacy Principles are as follows: 

Principle 1 – Accountability. is responsible for maintaining and protecting any personal information under our control. In fulfilling this mandate, has designated an individual who is accountable for our compliance with the Ten Privacy Principles. 

Principle 2 – Identifying Purposes. The purposes for which personal information is collected shall be identified before or at the time the information is collected. 

Principle 3 – Consent. The knowledge and consent of the Customer are required for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information except where required or permitted by law. 

Principle 4 – Limiting Collection. The personal information collected must be limited to those details necessary for the purposes identified by Information must be collected by fair and lawful means. 

Principle 5 – Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention. Personal information may only be used or disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected unless the Customer has otherwise consented, or when it is required or permitted by law. Personal information may only be retained for the period of time required to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected. 

Principle 6 – Accuracy. Personal information must be maintained in as accurate, complete and up-to-date form as is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it is to be used. 

Principle 7 – Safeguarding Personal information. Personal information must be protected by security safeguards that are appropriate to the sensitivity level of the information. 

Principle 8 – Openness. is required to make information available to Customers concerning the policies and practices that apply to the management of their personal information. 

Principle 9 – Customer Access. Upon request, a Customer shall be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of their information, and shall be given access to it. Customers may verify the accuracy and completeness of their information, and may request that it be amended, if appropriate. 

Principle 10 – Handling Customer Complaints and Suggestions. Customers may direct any questions or enquires with respect to the privacy principles outlined above or about our practices by contacting’s Privacy Officer. 

The guidelines below set forth the principles we use in gathering, using, maintaining and protection personal information you provide us. 

 The Types of Personal Information We Collect gathers and uses only such information that is necessary for providing our services and fulfilling your orders. It typically includes the following personal information: name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone numbers, occupation, employment status, referral source, the name of your primary physician and his or her contact information, age, height, weight, sex, date of birth, the existence and types of drug allergies, medications requested, family medical history information, your personal medical history information, details of your existing medications, credit card information (including card type and number, expiry date and name of card holder), banking information (including transit and account numbers) and prescription information; The choice to provide us with personal information is always yours. However, your decision to withhold particular details may limit the products and services we are able to provide and make it more difficult for us to advise you or suggest appropriate alternatives. If we are unable to accommodate your request based on the information that has been provided, we may ask for additional details in order to identify other ways to be of assistance. We may also maintain a file containing contact history that is used for customer inquiry purposes. 

We may collect anonymous/non-personal information. Anonymous/non-personal information is information that cannot be associated with or traced back to a specific individual or business entity. 

The Purposes for which we use Personal Information 

We use your personal information to communicate with you, enhance your visit to our website, allow processing of your prescription orders and effectively provide the products and services you have requested. We may provide your personal information to an affiliated company, a licensed pharmacy or to a prescribing physician in order to fulfill your prescription. 

We may use your personal information to offer additional products and services sold by In the event of a sale of all or substantially all of the assets of, records containing personal information may be transferred to the purchaser. We will not furnish your personal information to an outside organization for its use in marketing or solicitation without your prior consent. 

We only use your personal information for the purposes that we have disclosed to you. If for any reason your information is required to fulfill a different purpose, we will notify you and ask you for your consent before we proceed. 

In some instances such as a legal proceeding or court order, we may also be required to disclose certain information to authorities. Only the information specifically requested is disclosed and we will take precautions to satisfy ourselves that the authorities who are making the request have legitimate grounds to do so. 

There are some situations where we are legally permitted to disclose personal information such as employing reasonable and legal methods to collect a delinquent account, a medical emergency or suspicion of illegal activities. 

We sometimes contract outside organizations to perform specialized services. Our trusted service suppliers may at times be responsible for processing and handling some of the personal information we have received from you. 

When you visit our website, information is not collected that could identify you personally unless you choose to provide it voluntarily. You are welcome to browse our website at any time anonymously and privately without revealing any personal information about yourself. 

Security Measures 

We use current technologies and maintain security standards to ensure that your personal information is protected against unauthorized access, disclosure, inappropriate alteration or misuse. All safety and security measures are also appropriate to the sensitivity level of your information. Electronic client files are kept in a secured environment with restricted access. Paper-based files are stored in restricted access areas. is hosted using best practices to ensure continued customer security. Patient Data is stored separately on a non-internet facing server for added-protection. All communication is encrypted using HTTPS/TLS and been hardened using multiple techniques including running iThemes Security Pro behind a WatchGuard firewall.  

In the course of daily operations, we attempt to restrict access to personal information to authorized employees who have a legitimate business purpose and reason for accessing it. As a condition of their employment, all employees of are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, abide by the privacy standards we have established and to follow all applicable laws and regulations. Unauthorized access to and/or disclosure of client information by an employee of is strictly prohibited. All employees are expected to maintain the confidentiality of personal information at all times and failing to do so will result in appropriate disciplinary measures, which may include dismissal. 

Accessing and Amending Your Information 

Decisions are often made based on the information we have. Therefore, it is important that your personal information is accurate and complete. As a customer, you have the right to access, verify and amend the information held in your personal and financial files. 

To help us keep your personal information up-to-date, we encourage you to amend inaccuracies and make corrections as often as necessary. Despite our efforts, errors sometimes do occur. Should you identify any incorrect or out-of-date information in your file(s), we will make the proper changes and provide you with a copy of the corrected information. Where appropriate, we will communicate these changes to other parties who may have unintentionally received incorrect information from us. 

Privacy Officer 

Customers may direct any questions or enquires with respect to our practices or your personal information by contacting our Privacy Officer, as follows: 

Updating this Policy 

Any changes to our privacy policy and information handling practices shall be acknowledged in this policy in a timely manner. We may add, modify or remove portions of this policy when we feel it is appropriate to do so. You may determine when this policy was last updated by referring to the modification date found at the bottom of each of’s privacy policy web pages. 

last updated: February 11th, 2021 

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